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(Prioritizing Trust, Security, and Privacy)

We at VWO owe our growth to our customers and building their trust is our top priority. We understand the importance of data in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape and its significance to our customers’ operations and thus, keeping it secure and compliant is paramount to us.

Our compliance offerings go beyond standard certifications. To meet the customers’ needs, VWO regularly undergoes independent verification of its security, privacy, and compliance controls. We strive to achieve certifications, attestations of compliance, and undergo regular audits for all relevant standards, regulations, and frameworks around the globe.

Standard Certifications

VWO has been granted formal certification and attestation of compliance based on assessments by Independent auditors that affirm the compliance of our security and privacy controls.

Acts and Regulations

We comply with national, regional and industry best practices governing the collection and use of information, in line with acts and regulations across the globe.

Framework Alignments

A framework allows us to integrate a set of standards, guidelines and best practices for managing cybersecurity and privacy-related risks. It helps to streamline the architecture that helps protect information, information systems, applications, and services, while ensuring its adherence to multiple cybersecurity and privacy requirements globally.

With a clear purpose of keeping our customers’ and users’ information safe, secure and private, by prioritizing trust through accountability, transparency, and quality of services, we adopt and adhere to the following framework to guide our product development and processes. We believe that this would go a long way in providing a seamless experience to our customers without the need of having a formal certification.

Experience robust, enterprise-grade security for your business.

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