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VWO for Agencies

A thoughtfully crafted offering enabling you to deliver sustainable wins for your clients and in turn accelerate your own growth.


You are in "good hands". VWO will be a partner to help your business scale and win within the optimization marketplace.

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Since working with VWO, the partnership has flourished. They provide a robust platform, competitive pricing and strong partner support, which makes our job of developing services to our mutual clients easier.

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Agencies that grow their CRO practice with VWO

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How can you supercharge your business with VWO?

With a host of specially curated features* & perks for agencies

Easy onboarding, offboarding and customer management

  • Tag multiple customer accounts to your agency account & access multiple accounts simultaneously
  • Easily add or remove customer accounts as per your needs
  • Ability to pre-select plan and quota for every linked customer account based on your requirements

Unified dashboard to easily navigate & view all customer data

  • View all campaigns across all your customers in a single view
  • View consolidated changelog across all your client accounts
  • View notifications across all your client accounts
  • Extend free trial duration for POC directly from your agency account

Easy campaign management & best in class features

  • Unlimited tests with no cap on test duration
  • Copy or move tests between linked customers accounts under your management
  • Ability to add and save widgets to use them across all customer accounts
  • Ability to save or modify segments and use them across all customer accounts
  • API access and integrations with other tech platforms
  • Use advanced features like campaign scheduling, cross domain and cross device testing, multipage campaigns, behavioral targeting among others

Zero upfront cost for tagging and managing unlimited accounts

  • Get a one time 10,000 MTU quota at no cost for every new customer account to run a POC
  • Billing for linked customer accounts only starts after the consumption of the one time quota
  • Pay as you go pricing model option available with revenue commitment discounts
  • Monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual billing frequency options available

Support for conducting demos and POCs

  • Free full featured VWO enterprise account of all products for self use
  • Free account will get access to 50,000 MTU quota per year, a $15,000 value
  • Access to dedicated partner manager to help with RFPs, demos & POCs

Support flexibility

  • 24*5 dedicated chat, phone, email and Slack support
  • A dedicated account manager to act as your single point of contact
  • 1:1 training for the team during onboarding and when new users are onboarded

* Some of the listed features are under development and will be available soon

We'll closely accompany you through your journey with VWO


Dedicated partner manager to help you set up and get started.

Product Enablement

As many sessions as you need to understand the value VWO brings to the table.

Sales Enablement

Access to marketing asset library to showcase VWO's value props and deliver winning pitches.

Use case Analysis

Access to dedicated help or documents you need on a deal by deal basis to help you close.


Access to any help you need to run webinars, AMAs, specific campaigns to excite clients.

Closing Deals

Use VWO as your extended sales team. Support with pricing, contracts & POCs.

What are the other key benefits of choosing VWO?

Get VWO Certification to Showcase

Get access to an on-demand training module with built in assessment. Once completed, you will receive a VWO certificate to flaunt. Use it on your LinkedIn profile or website!

Get listed on the VWO Partner Network

Depending on the tier of partnership, get listed as either a VWO premium or a consulting partner here: https://vwo.com/partners/ecosystem/

Get Early Access to Well, Everything

Be it new features in beta, new product launch, key updates or news - you will be the first one to know. Get preferential access to be a beta tester or an early adopter.

Shape the product future with us

Selected agencies are invited to be a part of the VWO product advisory group. Along with other industry experts, you will get a chance to construct the future of VWO.

Use VWO dev team to scale

We have a skilled team of designers, developers & coders to act as your extended team. Use them during a resource or skill crunch or to meet an aggressive deadline.

Get Help with migration from any platform

Don't worry about the effort in moving all your campaigns, data and settings from any platform to VWO. Our dedicated migration support team will take care of it for you.

You'll even get cool badges to use on your website, marketing material and emails

VWO Badges Image

Don't take our word for it. Here's what some agencies that use VWO have to say.

Beyond all the great perks, VWO is a world class partner to be in business with

VWO offers a ton of options for agencies to gain from this partnership

Referral Incentives

What do you need to do?

Introduce prospects, customers, peers & friends who are looking for a CRO platform to VWO.

Why should you do this?

There may be prospects or customers who would like you to manage their CRO process but contract directly with the CRO platform provider. You can refer them to VWO.

What happens next?

VWO will engage with them, give them a demo and leave no stone unturned to win their business.

What do you get when they become paying VWO customers?

You earn 15% commission on the first year revenue and then continue to earn 5%, 3%, and 1% commission, respectively, for three years on renewal.

Will you be able to track your referrals?

Absolutely. VWO uses an industry leading platform which you will use to refer leads and will be able to track them in real time.

Affiliate Program

VWO also has a lucrative affiliate program that agencies can leverage to grow their business. More details here: https://vwo.com/partners/affiliate/

Demand Generation


Partner with VWO to run co-marketing initiatives like webinars, ebooks, whitepapers, email campaigns etc. Select campaigns make it to VWO subscriber base of 150,000+

Joint GTM plan

Engage with VWO marketing team to pick a targeted territory, persona, vertical or a combination of these and build a customized go to market plan. Think of ABM initiatives, joint physical events, co-branded trade show participation or even joint paid advertising/branding campaigns.

Lead Sharing

In select markets and depending on the tier of partnership with an agency, VWO also shares leads with partners. Here's how:

Need for an agency identified during sales cycle

All VWO sales executives have access to VWO preferred partners to include them in the conversion when such a need is identified.

Inbound demand

Agencies that are exclusive to VWO, are highly engaged and have a proven track record of co-selling, qualify to receive a part of inbound demand that VWO receives.

Agencies of all sizes prefer VWO to run their CRO practice

Let's walk you through the power of VWO as a CRO platform

Power #1

[Exclusive to VWO] A Truly Connected Platform

VWO is the only platform that enables you to connect customer behavior tightly with experimentation using built in program management to manage the entire testing process.

Power #2

Depth of Experimentation Capabilities

The VWO platform offers capabilities that cover every spectrum of your and your client needs. Along with the flagship A/B testing, split URL testing and multivariate testing, VWO also offers multi armed bandit (MAB), Single page applications (SPA) support, shadow DOM support & mutually exclusive tests. Coupled with a robust Bayesian powered stats engine that powers the reporting, you can depend on VWO to run experiments at scale for every use case.

Power #3

Easy, User friendly everything

Right from the time you get started to set up your first test to utilizing the full potential of VWO running 100s of complex tests - you'll find the platform super easy to understand & use. This power is sure to save you a lot of resources and efforts, creating efficiency. Ultimately, ease of use leads to faster execution which in turn means higher velocity of experiments, eventually driving higher ROI for you and your customers.

Power #4

Tight-Knit Integration with the Ecosystem

VWO seamlessly integrates with 40+ technology platforms. You can easily integrate with your existing ecosystem of analytics tools, CRMs, CMSs, CDPs, etc. Along with integrations, VWO also provides plugins for WordPress or ecommerce platforms like Shopify, which makes it very easy to install the VWO code and start optimizing quickly.

Power #5

Growth opportunities beyond testing

Along with an industry leading testing product, VWO also offers a personalization product, a customer data platform, a web rollout product and has a very innovative roadmap of products. This will ensure that your agency is always ahead of the curve in leveraging optimization tech stack to enable you and your customers to beat the competition every single time!

Exciting stuff? Connect with us today to discuss VWO for agencies

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