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Millions per Second: How Razorpay Continuously Improves the Checkout Experience

Duration: 45 minutes


Chetty Arun

Chetty Arun

Director of Design

About The Session

If you’ve made an online transaction in India, there is a good chance that it went through Razorpay’s payment gateway. The fintech unicorn has been a fixture in both, the news and most consumer businesses for a while now but their claim to fame has always been their pristine documentation and great UX – two things that weren’t commonplace for Indian fintech back in 2013. 

Chetty Arun, Director of Design has been there since the first wireframe mockups of Razorpay were made. In this promising session, he will cover: 

Key Takeaways

  • How Razorpay designed and scaled a product that was built for the Indian market
  • The impact of a good checkout experience for the bottom line of a business
  • How they continuously improve their design to suit their increasing range of users

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