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ForestView optimizes website forms and boosts engagement with testing

20.45% Conversion

About ForestView

ForestView located in Athens, Greece – offers end-to-end marketing services, from business and marketing consulting, creative ideation, and media activation to CX, conversion rate optimization, and eCommerce enablement.

It is an award-winning marketing and commerce agency enabling significant commercial uplift by creating valuable experiences across the consumer journey. The agency approach is to grow brands to their customers’ expectations by directing consumers towards touchpoints that provide data richness, deeper insights, stronger engagement, higher conversion, and loyalty.


VWO has been a great partner, helping us quickly experiment with new ideas and run comprehensive A/B tests that revealed valuable insights and remarkable results. The user-friendly interface and analytics offered by VWO made the process efficient and effective. Overall, our experience using VWO has been positive, and we would recommend it to businesses striving for impactful optimization and growth.

Marina Georgakila

Marina Georgakila

CRO Manager


Forestview was asked to re-design the TV-deals landing page for Nova.tv.deals.gr, the official partner of NOVA, which provides broadband, television, mobile, and fixed services in Greece

The primary goal was to get more website visitors to submit the lead form by filling in their personal information, such as name and phone number, after choosing a product. The secondary goal was to improve user engagement.


The agency collected qualitative visitor data using heatmaps, scrollmaps, and clickmaps to understand how visitors interacted with different product categories and promo banners and see where they were dropping off. Also, they looked into the quantitative data from sources such as Google Analytics, which led to the following observations:

  • The conversion rate for mobile visitors was significantly low; compared to the website’s average.
  • The users navigated to the product categories only from the menu. 
  • 30% of the visitors saw all the selected products on the home page, and 2-4% of the visitors interacted with the call-to-action (CTA) buttons.


Based on the observation, the team formed a hypothesis that reducing the up and down scroll would help users find their preferred product as it would limit back and forth and thereby improve the conversion rate of the form.


Tests run

The hypothesis led to conducting an A/B test with the variation having a redesigned landing page. The new design had multi-level filtering so that the users could dynamically find the preferred product. A long list of products was replaced with carousels. 


The team ran the A/B test for 14 days on over 5000 visitors, splitting the traffic equally between the control and the variation. The test concluded with the variation outperforming the control.

The multi-level filtering add-on and carousel increased the form conversion rate by 20.45% on mobile and 8.50% on desktop. 

Goal 7

Also, user engagement increased by 70.92%.



ForestView combined qualitative and quantitative analysis with VWO Insights and Google Analytics to comprehend the current user experience. It enabled them to generate hypotheses and perform A/B tests using VWO Testing for their clients. The optimization efforts yielded notable enhancements in the form’s conversion rate and user engagement.

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Experiment goals

Increase in form submission and engagement


20.45% increase in Conversion

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