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Thoughtfully crafted code to optimize website load time

We understand the importance of load time on user experience and providing a seamless experience to your visitors is one of our top priorities. The VWO Asynchronous SmartCode and geo-distributed servers ensures that there is no lag in your website load time which ultimately lead to more conversions.

an illustration of a code snippet and it's impact on load time
graph of the loading speed for VWO's asynchronous code snippet

Every second counts

In the digital world, every second matters. Website load time has serious implications for user experience on your website. According to a research by Akamai shows that every 100-millisecond delay in website load time can hurt conversion rates by 7%. Moreover, page loading time is becoming an important parameter when it comes to search engine rankings.

While building VWO, we kept all these key issues in mind and ensure that when you run growth experiments using the VWO Platform, it does not slow down your website like most of our competitors’ code does. The content served for each website visitor is customized for him, and the payload changes per page so that the changes can be applied in an optimal manner as compared to some of the competitors who download the complete website changes irrespective of the page visited. All this to ensure that there is no impact on your conversions due to slow load time.

Asynchronous code to ensure faster loading of websites

The VWO Asynchronous SmartCode loads in parallel with your website, thereby reducing the page load time during a test. You can even customize the time-out parameters for the VWO SmartCode and ensure that no inconsistent website behavior is experienced by the visitor.

In addition, our services use Global Load Balancer along with geo-distributed Google Cloud servers for faster execution and for minimizing the load at your end.

We have smoothly tested and implemented real-time behavioral targeting, semantic targeting, and other advanced analytics technologies during experiments without facing any lags in website load. You can be rest assured that even with high load, your website speed will have zero impact while loading ensuring a delightful experience for your visitor, each time.

You can check our ping-time statistics here.

infographic of how VWO smartcode works on your website

Install just one code to kickstart your optimization journey

VWO SmartCode is a code snippet that contains your unique Account ID and allows your website to interact with VWO servers. With VWO SmartCode, there is no need for you to install multiple codes which slow down your website. Just install the code once and then focus on how to create the best experience for your visitors.

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