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Looking for a solid Google Optimize alternative? Here's VWO

With a free Testing Starter plan for users with limited testing needs, and special discounts on the paid plans offering world-class optimization capabilities, VWO has become the go-to choice for hundreds of Google Optimize and Optimize 360 user

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Better then google optimize

Best teams are choosing VWO to continue their experimentation journey

Here's why hundreds of Google Optimize users have already migrated to VWO:

Stress-free migration

Automated migration

Migrate all your experiment data to VWO in a few clicks using our Chrome plugin. 30 seconds and you're done.

Dedicated human support

Data migration should not be your headache! Our success team will assist you at every step in your transition from Optimize 360 to VWO.

Special discount

Avail our one-time introductory discount if you're an Optimize 360 user transitioning to VWO and enjoy the exceptional customer service that comes with it.

Experimentation-first features

Events driven CDP

Collect, aggregate, and enrich your customer data in real-time with VWO Data360. Use that data to create granular experiment goals, trigger personalized experiences, and track complex metrics.

how to make changes live on website using VWO Deploy

Powerful editor

VWO provides the most powerful visual editor in the industry. Our vast widget library ensures you can do complex page edits without involving dev.

use VWO Deploy to create website modals

Multi armed bandit testing

VWO offers Multi-Armed Bandit algorithm- a radical experimentation approach to maximize conversion from your page.

immediately push custom changes to your website using VWO Deploy

Server side and mobile app testing

Not just web pages, VWO lets you run complex tests also on mobile app & server-side.

update time-sensitive information such as contact details
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VWO connects with your existing tech

It must have taken you years to build and integrate your tech stack. To make your experience with VWO as seamless as possible, we’ve worked tirelessly to integrate our platform with almost all major SDKs, analytics, CDP, CMS, ABM, and CRM platforms out there. So you can pull data for deep segmentation, run omnichannel campaigns, and push data for finer reporting, with a click.

See All Integrations

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No pesky limitations

No limit on the number of concurrent tests or test duration

Run as many concurrent tests as you want and for as long as you want. VWO doesn’t place any cap.

Multivariate test combinations

VWO allows you to create as many as 16,000 combinations while running multivariate tests. 

Real time report

Real time reporting

  • Realtime conversion & visitor data VWO fetches absolutely real time conversion and visitor data to create test reports, so you can confidently rely on them at any point.
  • Smartstats Our Bayesian-powered statistics engine is designed to give you easy-to-digest metrics along with recommendations. So you don’t have to worry about cumbersome statistical know-how, and only focus on running tests.
  • Powerful segmentation VWO allows you to create segments on top of demographic as well as behavioral data of the user.

A reliable partner

VWO customer success team

24*5 Support

At 99% CSAT score we offer 24*5 support via email and phone. So you don’t have to bother scouting for help on forums or wait for days before your issue is fixed.

Seamless Onboarding

We have a dedicated onboarding and training team to smoothen your migration or your journey into CRO. 

Unmatched expertise

Our support professionals have over 10 years of experience serving over 2500+ customers globally. If there is a CRO challenge they are quite likely to have already worked on it.

Best teams are choosing VWO to continue their experimentation journey

Here's why hundreds of Google Optimize users have already migrated to VWO:

Free forever VWO Testing Starter plan

VWO Starter plan

Make the most of VWO's Testing Starter plan which is free and allows running tests on upto 50k visitors a month.

Fully featured

While free, VWO Testing Starter plan includes everything you need. From unlimited experiments to no-code editor to GA integration to everything in between.

Upgrade easily to higher plans

Should your testing requirement increase and you wish to upgrade to higher growth/pro/enterprise plans, you can easily do so while retaining your older data.

Includes everything you need

  • Access key experimentation features Get access to A/B Testing, Split URL Testing, Mobile Website Testing, Visual Editor and more.
  • Onboard unlimited users Encourage more teams to experiment and easily collaborate with them. We put no limit on the number of users you can onboard on your VWO account.
  • Ideafactory to get you started asap Lack of test ideas? Worry not. Our fine repository of test ideas, case studies, and resources will ensure that you are more ready than ever to start running tests.
Includes everything like Campaign targeting, Reporting, Goals, Unlimited concenrrent tests, Advanced editor
Automated Migration with Chrome Plugin

Advanced VWO editor

  • Best in the industry VWO provides the most powerful visual editor in the industry. Edit or add webpage elements with a point-and-click editor.
  • Minimum dependency on dev Everything that you see on the page- images, text, background, and even the shadow DOM elements, can be modified with our visual editor.
  • Advanced widget library With our vast widget library you can do complex page edits on the page on your own. Additionally, you can build your own library with your customized widgets and reuse them whenever required.

Break free from limits

Run unlimited concurrent tests

VWO does not limit the number of tests you can run. The more the merrier.

No limit on test duration 

A/B tests on low traffic pages take unusually long to reach statistical significance. However, with VWO, you don’t have to worry about auto-pause no matter how long it takes.

We are always here for you

VWO customer success team

24*5 Email support

At 99% CSAT score we offer 24*5 support via email and phone. So you don’t have to bother scouting for help on forums or wait for days before your issue is fixed. 

Access to free training program

We provide a detailed training program to quickly familiarize you with VWO and CRO fundamentals, so that you hit the ground running. 

VWO is not just a testing tool. It’s a full-fledged experimentation platform

With VWO, you get a connected platform so that everything you need is available under one roof. Unlike other alternatives, with VWO, you get the ability to conveniently scale your experimentation program without needing to explore gazillion third party tools.

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Don’t settle for less

When it comes to features that you need to run a solid experimentation program, VWO’s comprehensive platform has no match. Check how we fare against others.

Feature Google Optimize 360 AB Tasty Optimizely VWO Logo
Inbuilt behavioral analytics
Inbuilt program management
24*5 Support
Real time reporting
Free plan
MAB testing
Unlimited tests, users, test duration etc
Customer Data Platform
Feature rollout
Server-side testing
Free onboarding

Looking for an Agency plan?

If you use Google Optimize to serve your customers, you'll love what we have to offer. In addition to the free Starter plan, we're offering a special discount rate to Google Optimize users across all of our products.

Explore VWO for Agencies

Migrating your existing campaigns and data from Google Optimize to VWO is super easy

Along with migrating your data to VWO, you will also be able to retain your experience settings, objectives, audience targeting, users, and variants. Here are the two ways you can do this:

See why customers use VWO over Optimizely to create experiences

Patxi Gadanon Senior Web Manager
Senior Web and CRO Manager
Christoffer Kjellberg CRO Manager

Colart chose VWO over Optimizely

While evaluating between VWO, Optimizely, and other A/B testing tools, Colart, one of the leading art brands in the world, found VWO was the right web testing and conversion optimization solution for their business.

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Ideal of Sweden chose VWO over Optimizely

As compared to Optimizely, VWO was more in line with their company’s CRO budget, and after a thorough evaluation they felt that VWO addressed their experimentation needs better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Google is shutting down Optimize and Optimize 360 by 30th September, 2023. It has advised its users to download all the experiment data prior to that date. Afterwards, any running experiments will be automatically paused and users will lose access to the platform.

Yes, VWO natively integrates not only with Google Analytics, but also with plenty of other third-party tools. In fact, you can use VWO’s open API to make your own integrations or request the VWO team to make them for you.

No, VWO Testing Starter plan ends at 50k visitors. Should your testing requirements increase, you can always upgrade to any of the VWO’s higher plans - Growth, Pro, or Enterprise - without losing any data. You can choose your desired plan on your own from the VWO dashboard or get in touch with our sales team to help you select the best plan.

VWO Testing billing is based on quota purchased. One unit of quota is utilized when one visitor becomes a part of a test powered by VWO Testing. You can get in touch with us for a customized plan that fits your needs and budget.

By default, when you sign up for any of the VWO plans, you get unrestricted access to all VWO features for 30 days as a free trial. After that, you will have the option to continue with your free Starter plan or upgrade to a higher plan.

Yes, please get in touch with us to know more. VWO has an active team for training and assisting our agency partners for all needs.

Yes, you can get your expired trial account reactivated by us. Please get in touch and we will do the needful.

VWO Starter plan has a data retention rule which will start getting applied as soon as you migrate to this plan. As per the plan, your data will be retained for 90 days in VWO Testing Starter.

No, with the VWO Starter plan you can run tests on as many domains as you want. However, make sure that you install VWO SmartCode on all these domains where you want to run tests.

No, there is no limit to the number of tests you can run in the VWO Testing Starter plan.

No, the VWO code does not affect the loading time of your website. Asynchronous VWO code loads in parallel to your webpage and does not affect your site loading time.

Google has indicated no plan to launch an alternative A/B testing product after Optimize. Therefore, to ensure that its existing customers are able to continue running experiments it has collaborated with three prominent A/B testing solution providers- VWO, Optimizely, and AB Tasty.

No, Google Optimize, as the name suggests, is Google’s product and completely unrelated to Optimizely which is a different company altogether.

VWO is the best Google Optimize alternative presently. It offers a free plan for up to 50k monthly testing users. Find the feature comparison between Google Optimize and VWO here.

As per the official announcement, Google Optimize is being sunset because it “does not have many of the features and services that our customers request and need for experimentation testing.” As a road ahead for its existing users, Google has collaborated with selected 3rd party A/B testing service providers and VWO is one of them.

Start scaling your optimization program.

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