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Orah Increased Demo Requests by Testing Its Homepage for New Visitors

63.27% Demo Requests

About Orah

Based in Auckland, Orah is a robust and feature-rich student engagement platform. With its team spread across 7 cities, it helps schools and organizations offer enriching experiences, support, and opportunities for all students to thrive and succeed in life.

It enables the collection of data from various sources, offering a single holistic view of a student. This helps every stakeholder – parents, teachers, and students – work together for a personalized experience that brings out the best in each student.  


VWO is a reliable platform with a lot of the bells and whistles you’d expect from an experience optimization platform. I was able to run a solid A/B test with real business outcomes on just the free plan. I’ll definitely consider upgrading as we scale our tests.

Tiago Penteado

Tiago Penteado

Head of Marketing
Orah 2


Packed with a lot of features, Orah enables schools and organizations to manage different aspects of student experiences. The team wanted to optimize the site for first-time visitors, allowing them to quickly understand what the platform offered and navigate to appropriate pages for more insights. This way, they would be able to consume more information and feel motivated to click for a demo. 


An incongruity in visitor behavior was identified after running user tests on the website. But they had tested similar hypotheses in the past and achieved only a mediocre increase in conversion rates. However, this time, by combining qualitative and quantitative feedback, the team created a clear hypothesis, set proper user goals, and even aligned them to their business goals.


The team hypothesized that rearranging or tweaking certain sections on the website’s homepage would help the new visitors better understand the company’s offerings. Easy findability of relevant information, they expected, would further motivate visitors to sign up for a demo. 

Tests run

Based on the hypothesis, an A/B test was run on the company’s website using VWO Testing. The following changes were noticed in the variation for the test:

  • A smaller number of menu options in the navigation bar was expected to help visitors quickly find the relevant pages if they wanted to navigate through the website.
  • The use of industry terms in the website copy would help first-time visitors derive value as they are more familiar with industry jargon than brand-specific terms.
  • Shifting the testimonials to the top would prompt visitors to sign up on noticing similar schools or organizations selecting the platform. 

Here are the control and variation images for the test. 

Image (27)

The A/B test was run for 11 days and the variation emerged as the winner. The primary goal, clicks on request for a demo, increased by 63.27%.

Screenshot 2023 09 20 At 11 57 25 Am

Further, the product page clicks and free sign-up clicks increased by 101.41% and 121.41% respectively. 


The Orah team learned that positioning their products using industry-recognized terms vs. branded terms makes a big difference to new visitors on their website. The customers use their branded terms and are familiar with them, but it was unnecessary friction for first-time visitors.

VWO is an integrated experimentation platform that facilitates consistent scaling of your optimization program with its advanced capabilities. Sign up for a free trial and discover how VWO can help you in making data-driven decisions for business success. 

Orah 2



Experiment goals

Increase demo requests by improving the first-time visitor experience


63.27% increase in Demo Requests

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