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Growth and Marketing Lessons from Running User Research

Duration: 40 minutes


Ekaterina Gamsriegler

Ekaterina Gamsriegler

Head of Marketing


Experienced growth leader adept at scaling marketing activation, retention, and monetization for multi-million dollar brands over 13+ years.

About The Session

Navigating the world of marketing often means tight budgets, making it a challenge to gather meaningful insights. However, our master for this session is here to dispel those doubts.

In this session, Ekaterina will reveal a trove of budget-friendly strategies suitable for all teams, reigniting innovation even when resources are scarce.

Dive into the seamless integration of methods, where user personas, JTBD interviews, and surveys converge seamlessly. Propel your product and marketing ventures with an impeccable synergy of creativity and astute analysis, all while making the most of what you have.


  • Discover cost-effective user research strategies tailored for small teams.
  • Combine various methods (user personas, JTBD interviews, discovery user interviews, surveys, and other) to unlock a high ROTL (Return on Time and Learnings) for both product and marketing teams.
  • Blend qualitative and quantitative research for impactful bottom-line experiments.

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