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Increase Experimentation Success with a Centralized Insights Repository

Only 1 in 8 A/B tests drives a significant change an average. Successful CRO teams do much better than this with systematic planning and collaborative problem-solving. VWO allows multiple teams to collaborate with a centralized record of all their insights, notes and comments related to any aspect of their experimentation program.

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build your hypothesis pipeline in VWO plan
eliminate team silos using VWO plan

Eliminate idea silos

Insights for experimentation come from different places, and they are typically recorded in an ad-hoc basis on Google Docs, Excel sheets, analytics tools, project management boards, emails, whiteboards, and post its. This leads to idea silos, and makes it extremely hard for the team to derive the most useful insights for experimentation.

VWO brings a centralized repository where all insights, notes, comments or ideas related to any aspect of the experimentation program can be recorded. This makes it a structured process and makes it much easier to come up with data-backed hypotheses.

empower teams to collaborate using VWO plan

Empower multiple teams to collaborate, analyze insights & collate testing ideas

Everyone in your team can see and add insights to the centralized repository in VWO. This helps team members synthesize great observations and develop better informed experiment ideas.

capture ideas & log observations in VWO plan

Capture ideas as you are observing user behavior inside VWO

When your growth teams are trying to understand why a funnel has a major drop-off or why visitors are not converting for a particular goal using visitor recordings, heatmaps, form analytics or surveys, they can add their observations on the go with VWO, and these will go straight to the central repository with all the required context—a snapshot of the heatmap, the exact point in the recording where the note was added and the like.

add details to your observations in VWO plan

Enrich your insights by adding details

You can add screenshots, documents, and spreadsheets to ensure you have all the details you need with your insights.

You can also add labels and page URLs to them, so you can easily filter insights specific to a theme or a page later on.

use VWO's Chrome extension to log observations in VWO plan

Add your insight with a click via the Chrome extension

Have everyone on your team install the Google Chrome extension. Then whenever an idea comes to mind - like when you’re watching UserTesting.com videos or diving through Google Analytics - you can add it to the central repository with just a click. And you can be sure no winning insight or observation goes undocumented again.

build a knowledge base of experiment learnings in VWO plan

Build a knowledge base of learnings from completed tests and keep everyone on the same page

Testing is iterative, and every test - whether it outperforms the control or not - is a learning experience.

But how do your new team members get access to learnings from past experiments? And what happens when your senior CRO leaves your team, taking her historical knowledge along?

Record all the key learnings and results from these tests in the centralized repository so all your teams can look at the past and build better testing hypotheses for the future.

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