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Optimization in Marketing

Building a Career in CRO

Duration: 45 minutes


Hanah Kaplan

Hanah Kaplan

Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist


Hanah is a sales executive turned CRO practitioner. She focuses on cart abandonment and 'Wait Don't Leave' page campaigns to help increase conversions.

About The Session

With emerging digital marketing trends, the role of a conversion rate optimizer (CRO) has become one of the most crucial ones within the business. Like most other functions, CROs sharpen their skills on the job.

However, is CRO a skill that requires a specialized degree or a specialized mindset? Join us as we speak to Hanah Kaplan, a sales executive turned CRO specialist presently working at Cleverbridge. Many months ago, Hanah chose to transition from sales and explore conversion optimization. And she has been enjoying her work ever since.

In this conversation, we will explore Hanah’s motivation behind the transition and her plans for her career ahead. Hanah will also speak about a few CRO projects she’s worked on thus far and the insights she was able to gather.

Key Questions

  • How was her experience during the transition stage?
  • Does one require to be an expert in statistics and mathematics in general?
  • Experimentation projects Hanah is working on and their results.

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