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Inside The Minds of European Online Shoppers: eCommerce 2023 Survey Report

We interviewed 400+ online shoppers across Europe to understand what users want from eCommerce stores in 2023. We then distilled these results and converted them into actionable insights. Our new study, "What Users Expect from Online Shops" gives brands a deep dive into the online buying preferences of European shoppers to understand what makes a Great eCommerce experience in 2023.

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Leveraging GA4 for Deeper Insights and Optimisation

As a new analytics phase looms, the question is: are you prepared to face the challenge? Leveraging GA4 for advanced optimisation and A/B testing may seem complex, but with a thoughtful approach, you can piece together the puzzle's moving components.

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Reducing Cart Abandonment

Do you know why optimizing carts can cure umpteen business vows? Because they serve as the singular source of revenue where all assumptions, strategies, and promotions collide to test the sentiment of the user. This ebook shows how.

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Leveraging Heuristic Analysis & Voice of Customer Research for CRO

Heuristic Analysis and Voice of Customer (VoC) research are invaluable tools for conversion rate optimization (CRO). As the digital landscape becomes more complex, understanding how users interact with a webpage and what motivates them is necessary.

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A/B Testing Insights Report 2023

The A/B Testing Insights report includes insights from over 1M+ tests run on 100,000 websites across 18 industries. Know where you stand in the testing landscape from the deeper insights and industry benchmarks in this report.

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Get Serious About Experimentation

You should feel more confident in what you can do to get started in experimentation or what you can do to level up your program that’s already running. In this playbook, we share a step-by-step approach to be a strategic, intentional winner.

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The Ultimate Playbook to Experimentation for SaaS

SaaS companies experiment for better user experiences, impacting metrics like customer value. This eBook covers KPIs, strategies, methods, and case studies to create efficient experimentation programs and A/B test for each phase in SaaS businesses.

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Experimentation Loop

Experimentation should not be a linear process. Brands that pave their path for long-term growth think differently. They think in loops. We show you how to structure your experiments into a simple three-steps loop.

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Your Website is Broken

We spoke with 6 founders, marketing heads, and university professors to uncover how the website and team structures are broken.

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Small Tests. Big Wins.

In this eBook, we present examples of the world’s 10 leading brands from different domains who attribute their success to experimentation.

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Scaling a Conversion Optimization Program

We understand the challenges faced by a company when scaling optimization programs and creating a culture of experimentation. We teamed up with HubSpot to help marketers overcome these challenges and supercharge their CRO program with this guide.

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The Complete DIY Guide To Improving Conversions in 60 Days

A DIY guide built by VWO & Hubspot, which will help you learn and implement process-oriented CRO for your business in a matter of just 60 days.

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