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Experimentation Loop

The three-steps loop to move forward in your growth journey faster.

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You must have surely heard about Growth Loops. In a nutshell, it enables businesses to discover new growth opportunities from an existing growth process.


Experimentation is a crucial part of the entire growth process. A single test or a series of disjointed tests won’t match your growth expectations. You need to iterate on your test results in a manner that uncovers new insights into customer behavior. With experimentation loops, you can take those insights and feed them back into the next round of testing, creating a virtuous cycle of learning and improvement.


In this ebook, we show you how to structure your experiments into a simple three-steps loop that will help shape customer experience in a positive direction at your company. And to top it off, we provide real-world examples of brands that have successfully used experimentation loops to achieve impressive growth.

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Liang Jian Tan
"We’ve always been very data-driven. Zalora began about four years ago and we have been A/B testing using VWO for three years. As an early stage company, we are heavily focused on new customer acquisition, and using data to optimize the site experience is super important for us."
Liang Jian Tan
Associate Director, Regional Marketing Analytics, Zalora

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